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Love Yourself – How To Give Your Self Esteem & Confidence That Needed Boost

Trouble Loving Yourself?

Some, but not all tend to be full of self-love and naturally confident. Although, we look at the lives of others, and we don’t believe it. 
Let’s be real, we all struggle to get ourselves up and going for the day. Trying to look and feel our best just doesn’t come easy. It’s tough when you can’t manage it all, the negative aspects of daily life, work, money, health, and relationships.
Social media only tends to make it worse, not better. Sucking us into the lives of others, not being able to help but feel backtracked and left out.
You’re not alone! Here at LOMAR, we tend to have our own fair share of struggles. Just like you, we’re looking for that blessing of abundant self-confidence. So we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. Alongside us, we can get to it together!

Get Going, Get Active

What better method is there, than improving your health and fitness levels? It’s perfect for a confidence boost, and when done correctly it leaves you with a body to show off too.
Here at LOMAR, we look to make our exercises effective and often. While also making sure we eat healthy, and focus on developing our greatest physical assets. Then of course find ways to hide our flaws, with figure hugging fitted dresses, make-up or other fashionable women accessories.
Yes, keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle is a personal choice, which may require some planning and determination. Also yes, that looking and feeling sexy is entirely in your hands and will change your life. So, yes you should go for it!

Feel Good, Eat Good

Not only is eating healthy necessary for your health and wellbeing, but it’s also about more than looking good in a bandage dress. To feel good and appreciate your body more, a proper diet goes a long way.
Our goal in sharing this with you is to inspire you to feel right about your shape and improve the way you eat from here on out. You Are, Who You Are!
Pretty much every visual today, whether it’s advertising for a motorcycle or a deodorant, features the perfect woman, with the hair and makeup, and extremely fashionable clothes that accentuate her features.
While we all sit here and wish for similar vital statistics and sexy outfits. We need to remember, to take a moment to ask ourselves – is this the real meaning of being ‘beautiful’?
Starting now, let us LOMAR Ladies, stay away from these social media-driven ideas of beauty. Let’s focus on who WE are instead, and let US define what ‘beautiful’ really stands for!Care For Yourself
Yes, looking and feeling good does cover some aspects, but you can’t forget about ensuring that your skin is healthy. You want to make sure to have that glowing and radiant, rich skin complex. The one that showcases that smile of yours, leaving you feeling like you run the world.
Approach skin care, as if you were to approach buying a new sexy dress from your favorite clothing store. With dedication and confidence. You have to make sure that you dedicate the time in your daily routine for proper cleansing and treatment. Here at LOMAR, we focus mainly on skin protection, healthy eating, exercise, and of course make-up to help us get to that rich looking skin.

Be Sexy, Show Them What Your Made Of

We have come up with the six sexiest and most seductive principles to make them really want you. Learn them to take yourself to a new level you never knew existed.
Principle 1. Be Confident & Invest in Yourself
Principle 2. Use Your Mind
Principle 3. Make Eye Contact
Principle 4. Embrace Humor and Flirtation
Principle 5. Invest in Others
Principle 6. Showing Skin Does Not Mean Sexy

Be Humble, Play It Cool

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Those words, courtesy of the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, ring more real than ever today.
Media now a day typically tends to saturate us with ideas about who and what we should be. Painting the image of what we should wear, how we should act, and what it means to be cool. When in reality, while striving for what others want, you lose yourself.
Don’t worry though, according to our principles, you are the definition of cool.

Keep It Simple, You’re Still Gorgeous

Is it possible to be an everyday Jane, yet still be full of beauty? Some tend to think that being plain and looking pretty are two entirely different things. Are they really different though? The answer is no, they’re not different, and yes, it is possible.
There are other ways, other than piling on makeup, to try and fit in with the crowd at a party. Stop feeling like the odd one out dressed at parties, there are ways to work around it. That was just one of many.
Here’s another, simply just pick out the right dress, that always seem to do the trick.

It’s A Great Day, Put On A Short Dress

Putting on a sexy short dress is not for the faint-hearted. For this, you need to know your style, and have the confidence in your legs, and your complexion. It’s about keeping it simple, flirty, and to the point.
Short dresses don’t leave much to the imagination (in most cases) and are meant to keep you fresh while ensuring you are visually hot and spicy.
Try this elegant, figure-hugging bandage dress, for a boost of confidence, and self-appreciation. Wear it for you.

Fix What You Can, Forget What You Can’t

You’re suffering from razor burn, and you just chipped your nail polish. On top of that, to make matters worse, you’ve plucked too much of your eyebrows away just yesterday.
Little annoying things like these are enough to ruin any woman’s day, and undermine their beauty look. Although, little annoying things, end up becoming devastating as they pile on.
Luckily for all of us, there are remedies and preventative tactics for most beauty related issues.

Wear Sexy Perfume

You want to know what’ll have them really eating out of the palm of your hand? Maybe some YSL Black Opium, or some Chanel Chance, or even Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb? You can check out a list with more options here, but you get the point.
This is just the cherry on top ladies! There’s nothing left to do, after you’ve gotten that tight figure-hugging bandage dress, with those sexy five-inch red bottom stilettos. Other than of course, throw on a couple of last sprays.
So they can not only see you coming, but also smell you coming!
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