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How to Care for your Bandage Dress

Buying a bandage dress requires technique to keep that investment timeless. The decision to dry clean or hand wash depends entirely on you babe.  
At Lomar, we pride ourselves on our vast line of quality bandage dresses. Our bandage dresses easily maintained with the following techniques below.
Numerous ways you can maintain the quality in your bandage dresses are listed below.

Bandage Dress Storage

Keep your dress in new condition by not hanging it by its straps. Avoid folding the bandage dress as much as possible.
Wrinkles and creases may occur if folded for long periods of time. Remember, your dress is an investment.
Storing your dress in plastic or vinyl may cause staining or unpleasant odors, due to the chemical breakdown.

Dry Cleaning Bandage Dresses

Dry cleaning is a technique that entails organic solutions. Washing machines utilizes water and soap to clean your dress.  
Every one of our bandage dresses is made with roughly 90 percent rayon and a mix of spandex and nylon. Rayon is sensitive to water thus should be dealt with delicately when wet. If you choose to hand wash your bandage dress, we made the process a bit easier with the list below:
Cold Water
Mild laundry detergent
Lay the dress flat at the time of wash
Refrain from wringing out your dress.
Dry the dress by laying it flat on a towel and flip it every hour. Refrain from hanging the dress while wet.
Iron inside out with the heat set to low.

Preserving Your Bandage Dress

Refrain from washing your bandage dress more than 6 times a year will preserve its bandage material. Another technique considered in the preservation of your dress is spot cleaning:
Soak the area with cold water
Use a tiny amount of laundry cleaner.  
Use your fingers and rag to clean the spots.
Soak the area again with cold water.
Lay flat to dry.
Care for your bandage dress by limiting its contact with water. Rayon is a remarkable texture for providing figure-hugging looks while also know for its easy maintenance.   Keep your bandage dress timeless by limiting washes, not hanging it, or using heavy detergents.
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