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Trouble Loving Yourself? Some, but not all tend to be full of self-love and naturally confident. Although, we look at the lives of others, and we don't believe it.  Let’s be real, we all struggle to get ourselves up and going for the day. Trying to look and feel our best just doesn’t come easy. It’s tough when you can’t manage it all, the negative aspects of daily life, work, money, health, and relationships. Social media only tends to

At LOMAR, we tend to adopt practical solutions to our fitness and health. We develop effective ways to maintain our bodies that help us feel better about ourselves. Although it may take some effort, it is achievable for ALL women. These are the guidelines we follow: These are the guidelines we follow: Step 1. Exercise effectively and consistently Step 2. Develop your best physical assets Step 3. Eat healthy Step 4. Cheat a little Staying fit and healthy is one personal

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