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Recognizing the complexity between a bandage dress and a bodycon dress isn't easily interpreted. Both dress styles highlight women’s curves with figure-hugging material. It is easy to be fooled by the latest pop culture marketing bandage dresses. Truth is, the fashion bloggers and fashion blogs are displaying bodycon dresses. A bandage dress differs from a bodycon dress by the fabric and the fit of the dress. What is a Bandage Dress? Lomar makes high quality bandage dresses from bandage

Buying a bandage dress requires technique to keep that investment timeless. The decision to dry clean or hand wash depends entirely on you babe.   At Lomar, we pride ourselves on our vast line of quality bandage dresses. Our bandage dresses easily maintained with the following techniques below. Numerous ways you can maintain the quality in your bandage dresses are listed below. Bandage Dress Storage Keep your dress in new condition by not hanging it by

Making a Bandage Dress: A wise fashion designer said, "Good Fashion evolution, not revolution." And that is what we base our principles on. We began LOMAR to give figure-hugging inspired dresses to each lady, all over. We've done exactly that. Our specialty consists of bandage dresses in numerous sizes, colorways, and styles. We source high-end bandage material to create our dresses, this material is made up of 90% rayon, 8% nylon, and 2% spandex. Understanding these three materials

When you are invited to a Black and White affair make sure you honor the theme and don’t be disrespectful and show up in any other color. 1.       You should stick to the color theme even with your shoes, accessories, and handbags 2.       Diamonds are a girl best friend. The classic diamonds are perfect for this affair 3.       You should definitely wear a more sophisticated and glamorous dress like the “Valentina” dress. This bandage dress will be flattering on your best

We know how obsessed women are with jumpsuit. Mainly because they involve minimal decision making. Why chose top or bottom when you can just choose one thing? Jumpsuit are the best thing when you don’t have time, energy, or patience to look through hundreds of things. Here are a few of our favs! Noemie Jumpsuit The Noemie white wide leg jumpsuit is perfect for days when you need to do a quick wardrobe change.

Rompers can be the go-to look for this summer. They are comfortable, causal and can be formal if you need it to be. Isn’t’ it just so fantastic to be a woman. Below are a few rompers that are Lomar approved and they are all under $150! Happy Spring/Summer!! maya romper I love this cute and casual baby blue romper paired with neutral accessories. Perfect for a day event that can transition

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