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Bodycon Dress vs. Bandage Dress: What is the real difference?

Recognizing the complexity between a bandage dress and a bodycon dress isn’t easily interpreted. Both dress styles highlight women’s curves with figure-hugging material.
It is easy to be fooled by the latest pop culture marketing bandage dresses. Truth is, the fashion bloggers and fashion blogs are displaying bodycon dresses.
A bandage dress differs from a bodycon dress by the fabric and the fit of the dress.

What is a Bandage Dress?

Lomar makes high quality bandage dresses from bandage fabric.
Bandage dresses are figure-hugging and durable. They are tailored to hug your curves with a flawless perfection. Although they have similar featured to bodycon dresses there are still key differences.

What is a bodycon dress?

A bodycon dress is a skintight garment that does not shape your curves. As opposed to hugging your figure, a bodycon dress is tailored to trace your shape. An example is a dress you get tailored to your exact measurements.  
Bodycon dressed are notorious for exposing parts of the body we do not want seen. They are tailored to trace your body rather than a skin-tight bandage dress.  

Fit and Fabric

Bodycon Dress Material

A well-made bodycon dress displays a cut that is tailored to fit close to your body. Typically, no stretch compared to bandage dresses.
The material blend of bodycon dresses can vary. Quality bodycon dresses use materials such as polyester.

Bandage Dress Material

The most popular material in today’s fashion market. The popularity of bandage material is due to its ability to hug your figure and hold its shape.
The bandage dress material is a material that stretches to your body’s curves. It’s also breathable so you can wear it for long periods of time. Incredible quality bandage dresses use a blend of rayon, spandex, and nylon in their manufacturing process.
Lower quality bandage dresses will definitely come across your eye, manufactured with polyester materials. Polyester is a fragile and moldable surface that isn’t adequately ready to help and shape. It isn’t strong and won’t demonstrate a silk-like sheen. These dresses don’t have the qualities you would expect of a great bandage dress.

Bandage Dress are Worn by Celebrities

Bandage dresses are worn by VIP’s from all over. Bandage dresses have a reputation on providing runway looks and even partywear. Anyone can pull off a bandage dress even if you don’t have killer body.Lomar’s high-quality bandage dresses are tailored for all women, no matter the size. Our dresses can define your profile and focus on what matters most, curves. Browse through our everyday bandage dresses
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