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14 Prom Hair Tips to Prep You and Your Hair for the Big Night

As a Woman’s fashion line we know that there are lots of selections that enters your mind when prepping for the best prom night. Once you’ve chosen your dream prom dress and secured an awe-inspiring date you’ve got a list of beauty choices to make, as well as how you’ll wear your hair. Choosing a hairstyle is the second most important thing to what dress you will wear to prom. Lomar wants to assist guaranteeing your huge night is a success, we’ve place along a list of 14 prom hair tips to go with that amazing dress of yours.
  • Always bring a photo of your dress, front and back, so your hairstylist can help you choose a hair style look that works with your prom dress. Lomar has plenty of amazing styles to help you choose what style you are desiring for prom. Check out our Leonie dress on our website.
  • Wear a button-down old shirt for your hair appointment. You don’t want to mess up your hair style when you’re changing into your prom dress.
  • Keep your hair healthy looking by trimming it a few weeks before and avoid drastic looks like major cuts or color changes. For example, if you chose a gold dress for your prom night you wouldn’t want to do blonde hair. It may give you a one-dimensional look.
  • Don’t forget your trusted bobby pins!! They should be put in wavy side down to grip the hair and avoid slipping out.
  • If you’re prone to frizz or static, keep some frizz sheets (dryer sheets work well too!) in your bag, as well.
  • Test out hair sprays ahead of time to find one that doesn’t dry too hard or “crunchy” looking or leave any residue–then be sure to bring it with you to your appointment.
  • Schedule your hair appointment a few hours (approximately 5-6 hours) before prom to leave time for any changes Also try the hair accessories look: Embellished barrettes, pins, and headbands are fun ways to upgrade your look.
  • Factor in the feel of your gown when planning your prom hair. For example: If you’re wearing a flowy boho gown, try an undone ‘do. If your prom dress is sleek and tailored, consider a slick ponytail.
  • Not into a fancy complex prom hairstyle? Go for a sleek ponytail and wrap one section of hair around your elastic to make it more evening-appropriate.
  • If you’re wearing your hair down, try a deep side part for an elegant evening-ready look. 
  • If you think your curls are too tight, wait it out: All curls fall slightly so give them some time before you disarrange. 
  • Planning to dance all night? You may want to go for a looser, undone prom hairstyle that you won’t have to worry about keeping in place.
  • If you are doing your own prom hairstyle and your hair is freshly washed, add dry shampoo to the root of your hair to give grip and texture.
  • Learn which products your hair needs to maintain your desired style. Products vary according to fine, straight, thick, or curly hair, and the wrong ones can leave you looking less than refined. If you get something new, be sure to test it a few days before prom to make sure it does what you need it to do!

Tell us your prom hair tips and what Lomar Dress  you chose in the comments!

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